Two distribution centers. We work since 2006!
  • We guarantee quality of the delivered flowers
  • The flexible price policy allows us to do sales of flowers on the present cheap
  • You can order delivery of the necessary amount of colors by phone to any district of the city
  • Distribution centers of flowers work in Moscow and St. Petersburg
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Our Team Contact us about buying or selling a flower product
Evgeny Kalendarov Head of Sales Department Never need to listen to what the flowers say. You just have to look at them and breathe their scent. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery) [email protected] +7 812 777-92-99 (101)
Jana Strokinova MANAGER / CUT FLOWERS Flowers in the city-like a woman [email protected] +7 812 777-92-99 (102)
Alexander Nevzorov MANAGER / CUT FLOWERS Fragrances are the feeling of flowers. (Heinrich Heine) [email protected] +7 812 777-92-99 (112)
Gridchina Julia Manager / Packaging and decoration Flowers do not have weekdays, they are always festively dressed. (Malcolm de Chazal) [email protected] +7 812 777-92-99 (108)
Our Partners
We cooperate with the best plantations around the world
Geography of Supplies
Every day we take delivery of flower products from different countries all over the world.


The main direction of Rosa, Tulips. We supply a wide range of different varieties and sizes from the best greenhouse farms in Russia. The arrival of the Rose in the warehouse - three times a week, which ensures high quality and freshness of flowers.


Netherlands has long established itself as a leader in the field of flower business and breeding technologies. It is in this country that the breeding of new varieties has reached unprecedented heights, so most of the deliveries of cut flowers are carried out by us from Netherlands.


The main direction of Eustoma, Gypsophila, Gerbera, as well as a wide range of ornamental foliage. For more than 10 years, we have been supplying fresh cut flowers and greens from Israel. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we constantly increase the range.


The main direction is related products. We work with a large number of factories producing packaging, accessories and decorative materials for florists. We also supply souvenirs and soft toys.


The main direction - Rose 30-60cm.
More than 12,000 stems are sent daily.
Roses are delivered to our warehouses as a permanent assortment.
Also, we deliver to the customer's address directly from the Kenyan plantations.


The main direction is Roses, Carnations. Colombian flower plantations are considered to be among the best in the world. We have established reliable business relationships with many of them. The assortment and excellent quality of flowers are due to a long day of light, a cool climate and fertile soil.


Ecuadorian Rose has a strong position in the world market. The climate and fertile soil provides a wide range of shades, which is supplemented every year with new varieties. We cooperate with large Ecuadorian plantations. The most popular varieties are always present in our stock.
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