Our team
Evgeny Kalendarov Head of Sales Department Never need to listen to what the flowers say. You just have to look at them and breathe their scent. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery) [email protected] +7 812 777-92-99 (101)
Jana Strokinova MANAGER / CUT FLOWERS Flowers in the city-like a woman [email protected] +7 812 777-92-99 (102)
Alexander Nevzorov MANAGER / CUT FLOWERS Fragrances are the feeling of flowers. (Heinrich Heine) [email protected] +7 812 777-92-99 (112)
Maxim Fedotov MANAGER / CUT FLOWERS Roses instill a love of nature, and spikes-respect. (Anton Ligov) [email protected] +7 812 777-92-99 (108)
Gridchina Julia Manager / Packaging and decoration Flowers do not have weekdays, they are always festively dressed. (Malcolm de Chazal) [email protected] +7 812 777-92-99 (108)
Irina Grigorieva SALES MANAGER Flowers bloom everywhere for everyone who just wants to see them. (Dorothy Rove) [email protected] +7 812 777-92-99 (103)